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Something Offbeat
December 2022
Interviewed for a podcast on employee selection.
The Well News
July 2022
Interviewed for an article “Discrimination lurks in university hiring platforms.”
CGTN Chinese National News
March 2021
Television interview for a piece on the impact of the pandemic on working women.
August 2020
Interviewed for an article, “Alaska’s attorney general sent hundreds of ‘uncomfortable’ texts to a female colleague.”
Atlanta Journal-Constitution
July 2022
Interviewed for an article, “DeKalb principal’s arrest shines light on district’s hiring practices."
WBAL Radio

December 2019

Live radio interview regarding my research on political affiliation discrimination.

The Hill

November 2019

My research on political affiliation discrimination summarized in, “Is political affiliation the new discrimination? Our research suggests 'yes'.”

New York Times

July 2019

Interviewed for an article, “How to Disclose a Disability to Your Employer (and Whether You Should).”

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