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Expert Witness Services for Plaintiff and Defense Attorneys

Expert Witness Service Areas
Based on her extensive knowledge of the scholarly and practitioner research in HRM and I-O Psychology, Dr. Goldberg thoroughly reviews deposition transcripts and exhibits to provide compelling testimony to address a variety of employment law questions for both plaintiffs and defendants:

  • Are there aspects of the organizational climate that may inhibit or increase the reliance on stereotypes?

  • Has the organization taken appropriate steps to deter and/or prevent or remediate harassment?

  • Are the processes used to make HR decisions (i.e., terminations, promotions, selection tests) unduly subjective?

  • Do the processes used to make HR decisions facilitate or inhibit bias in assessments?

  • Are there organizational factors that may have inhibited or enabled employees to report unwanted behavior (i.e., sexual or racial harassment)?

  • How well-regarded is the opposing counsel's witness in the HRM/I-O Psychology field?  What flaws exist in their published research?  What flaws exist in the conclusions of their testimony?

The above represents a sample of issues. Please contact us to discuss how we might be able to help address employment law issues, beyond those listed.

Please refer to Dr. Goldberg's CV to see cases on which she has opined.

What attorneys are saying:​

"Caren is extremely knowledgeable about her field: Human Resource Management. She has authored numerous peer-reviewed publications. She understands discrimination and stereotype concepts and can communicate them effectively. She was able to identify important issues and facts from documents and depositions and was able to clearly and powerfully communicate the relevance in a manner that either a judge and/or jury would be able to understand. She was responsive, on time, and extremely professional. I highly recommend her."

    -Lawrence Williamson,

     Williamson Law Firm

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