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May, 2023 -- Chen-Oster, et al. v. Goldman Sachs - The gender discrimination case against Goldman Sachs, on which Dr. Goldberg testified resulted in the largest pretrial gender discrimination settlement in history -- $215 million!

May, 2023 - Mitchell v. Pierce County - Pierce County settled for $1.7 million in a race discrimination case against Ms. Mitchell on which Dr. Goldberg testified.

June, 2022 - Hightower v. Ingerman Management Company - Jury awarded $925,000 to Ms. Hightower in a race and gender discrimination case on which Dr. Goldberg opined. 

March, 2022 - Dr. Goldberg was awarded the very prestigious Marie Curie Fellowship by the European Commission. 

October, 2021 - A.H. & Ariana Fleming v. Matulis and Charleston Gastroenterology Associates, PLLC - Class settlement of over $2 million reached in a sexual harassment case on which Dr. Goldberg testified.

October, 2021 - Alex Morgan, et al. v. United States Soccer Federation, Inc. - In one of the most high-visibility gender discrimination cases in the country, U.S. District Judge R. Gary Klausner approved a settlement regarding the working conditions of the US Women's Soccer team, the facets of inequality about which Dr. Goldberg opined.




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