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Caren Goldberg, Ph.D. provides research-based solutions to challenging employment law and HR problems. 

About Dr. Goldberg

Caren Goldberg, Ph.D., President and Founder


Professor Goldberg has taken on a number of leadership roles within her profession. She served a three-year term as an associate editor of a leading peer-reviewed academic journal, where she remains on the editorial board. She also serves/has served on the editorial boards of two other top peer-reviewed management journals. As such, she stays abreast of very current developments in all areas of Human Resource Management and has a wealth of experience evaluating and critiquing research.

Professor Goldberg has been retained by both plaintiff and defense attorneys to testify on matters such as stereotyping and harassment/discrimination climates. In addition, she has testified on the extent to which HR practices are consistent with the scholarly and practitioner literatures in HR and how subjectivity in HR practices such as selection, compensation, promotion, appraisal, and termination decision may introduce bias. Dr. Goldberg is highly regarded for her expertise in research design and has developed and analyzed employee surveys for a variety of organizations in the public, private, and non-profit sectors. She has advised organizations on developing recruitment programs, selection systems, and attendance incentive initiatives and has led executive coaching projects. Dr. Goldberg has designed and delivered training programs to managers on such topics as interviewing, appraising performance, and conducting terminations. In addition, she has created and led training programs on diversity, sexual harassment, and team building for employees at all levels.

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Dr. Goldberg is an internationally renowned Human Resource  Management professor. She has written over 50 peer-reviewed papers and three book chapters on diversity, discrimination, stereotypes, and sexual harassment.  She has been quoted dozens of times in magazine and newspapers such as Forbes, US News & World Report, USA Today, and the Washington Post, and has been interviewed on several radio and television news programs including NBC and CNN to discuss discrimination and harassment. The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) honored Dr. Goldberg as one of 100 diversity thought leaders from business, consulting, government, and academia, based on her research contributions in this area. In addition, she has served on a SHRM taskforce (in collaboration with the American National Standards Institute), charged with developing standards in the field of Diversity and Inclusion.

About the Firm
Firm Mission
  • To provide outstanding service to employment attorneys and HR professionals

  • To base solutions on established HR research and practice

  • To deliver services in a courteous and professional manner

  • To build relationships with clients

  • To demonstrate integrity in all the services the firm provides


Firm Philosophy


The firm's core philosophy is that good research informs good practice. Dr. Goldberg's extensive knowledge of the research in HR results in high-quality solutions to challenging employment law and HR problems. Dr. Goldberg translates the HR and I-O Psychology research into comprehensible information and sound practices. 

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